A Moment for Méret Oppenheim

Méret Oppenheim was one of few women in the ranks of the Surrealist movement of the 1920s and 30s. A formidable provocateur, the German-born Swiss Surrealist artist held her own in the boys club and was a muse to many…

Fur-covered cup, saucer, and spoon (1936)

Sugar Ring (1930s)

Fur gloves with wooden fingers (1936-39)

Bronze and wood table with bird’s feet (1939)

Squirrel mug (1969)

Vein gloves (1985)

Sardine bracelet

Fur bracelet

‘My Nursemaid’ (1936)

Bone and mouth necklace

Toe shoe

Snake ear cuff

Mole shoes

Face necklace

Toe shoe

‘The Couple’ joined shoes (1956)

Photo by Man Ray (1933)

At the Printing Wheel, photo by Man Ray

Photo by Man Ray (1930s)

Photo by Man Ray (1930s)

Photo by Man Ray (1934)

Photo by Man Ray (1930)

Photo by Man Ray (1930s)

‘Cannibal Feast’ (1959) by Méret Oppenheim, photo by Denise Bellon

Méret Oppenheim drinking from her fur cup

Méret Oppenheim in a paper jacket of her own design (1976), photo by Claude Lê Anh

Méret Oppenheim with a superimposed tattoo (1980)

X-ray self-portrait (1964)

Grass-wrapped concrete fountain in Bern, Switzerland (1983)


  1. Excelent photographs and very useful article documenting some of her more important sculptures and designs.

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