Grey Line by Hussein Chalayan

Among all the cornea-searing colors and asylum-crazy prints on the runways of New York Fashion Week, it seems humble grey may have stolen the show. That’s because Grey Line, a capsule collection from Hussein Chalayan, debuted at The News showroom with understated fanfare but great expectations.

Amid the frenzied tweeting and canape-hoarding, the setting was beautiful in its simplicity and calmness. A streamlined mix of Chalayan-type cocoon dresses, knits, and loose-fitting trousers in neutrals (read fad-repellent), Grey Line comprises not so much wardrobe basics as wardrobe essentials. Hems were clean and short, and dressier fabrics like mesh and satin used sparingly. Throw in dashes of tangerine and aquamarine, plus a price cap of $715, and Chalayan’s sportswear-inspired collection proved that he too can segue into popular markets.

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