Gay Toilet Sex

A museum in Berlin has opened an exhibition dedicated to the subject of gay sex in public restrooms. By staging models in the very same, now-closed spaces where men once convened for illicit rendezvous, French photographer Marc Martin offers intimate insight into the debauched practice.

The artist believes that urinals, contrary to their sleazy image, were places of nonjudgmental sexual freedom for those who couldn’t entertain at home. Although men now meet through hook-up apps for the most part, sex in public toilets are an important part of queer history.

In a highly unorthodox move, Berlin’s public transit authority, the BVG, has seen fit to sponsor the exhibition, as its notorious subway toilets served as the setting for so many encounters before their closure in 1990.

Public Toilets & Private Affairs, November 17, 2017 – February 5, 2018, Schwules Museum, Berlin