Photos of Young Kate Moss to Go on View

Since her discovery in 1988, at 14, Kate Moss has become the world’s ultimate fashion model, easily surviving any blight that’s come her way, whether a drug scandal, body-image fury, or the obsolescence threatening her supermodel compatriots.

Later this month, an exhibition in Berlin will bring together early-90s portraits of the doe-eyed, baby-faced icon, when no one could have foreseen her global domination some 25 years later — and counting. Noticeably absent are her seminal photographs with Corinne Day, her earliest champion. Aside from that, the list of early adopters is fairly exhaustive: Albert Watson, Jurgen Ostarhild, Pamela Hanson, Michel Haddi, Marc Hispard, Roxanne Lowit, Satoshi Saikusa, and David Ross Elliott, who created Moss’s first test shots.

Kate Moss: The Icon, November 28, 2014 – February 21, 2015, Galerie Hiltawsky, Berlin

Kate Moss by Jurgen Osterhild, Camber Sands, South England (1991)

Kate Moss by Albert Watson, Morocco (1993)

Kate Moss by Satoshi Saikusa

Kate Moss by Satoshi Saikusa

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