Another Model Dares Insult Naomi Campbell?

Uh oh, trouble in paradise. Tabloids are having a field day with the unsubstantiated but highly incriminating photos of Naomi Campbell’s Russian Romeo, Vladislov Doronin, canoodling with another model. Not just any other model, but Luo Zilin, Campbell’s protege on her TV show, The Face — the show that was supposed soften her image and make her seem halfway human.

Apparently Naomi, who may want to double up on her anger-management sessions, had been tweeting lovely things about the much-younger Chinese model and former Miss Universe China. That is, until photos of Doronin and Zilin were recently released, at which point Zilin was fired from her agency for unprofessional behavior while Naomi, barely containing her rage, tweeted: “The moment a person loses appreciation for the goodness others have done for them is the moment they begin their fall. Blsd day x.” That high road she’s taking will soon be littered with phones and other flying objects.

Here’s another wrinkle: Doronin is still technically married to his Russian wife, Ekaterina, hence he and Naomi never tied the knot. But wait, what’s going to happen to that Zaha Hadid-designed spaceship of a home they were building in the wilds of Russia?

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