Finding Your Bearings

New men’s skincare line Ursa Major spells out its mission pretty bluntly on its website: “The vast majority of skincare products on the market today are loaded with cheap synthetic chemicals—including many known toxins—cranked out in huge vats in some industrial park.” No thanks.

By contrast, Ursa Major uses only minerals, vitamins, proteins, essential fatty acids, and other strictly natural ingredients in its new shave cream and its just-launched face wash and face toner—all infused with earth-born goodness like aloe, bamboo, birch, lime, and spearmint. The result is a sobering, invigorating bonding moment with your face. We know, because we tried it.

As for the name Ursa Major, well, when you move to Vermont to seek out a simpler, cleaner life, as the company’s founders did, you can actually see constellations in the night sky. Can you bear it?

Available at Ursa Major

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