Fantastic Man’s Euro-Packed Dance Party

When the invitation to Fantastic Man’s Fabulous Late Night Dance party came in the mail, everything about it got us excited—except the location. After all, every Fashion Week needs at least one good night of sweaty gyrations, and the partnership with Adidas SLVR could only mean a well-funded affair, not to mention that we’d go anywhere to hear Discodromo, the very special DJs flown in for the occasion. But why would the clever Gentleman’s mag from Amsterdam pick the tragically tired Meatpacking District for its blowout? It made a lot more sense once we got there.

Only Cielo, the eight-year-old boite, and its legendary sound system could play a worthy host to the super cute and hirsute Italian DJ duo, who’re also the geniuses behind Berlin’s CockTail d’Amore, the best party in town. (This is according to our friend—and former 032c intern—Filippo Weck, who knows a thing or two about parties.) And indeed, thanks to the thunderous sound system, for a few blissful hours the boys managed to transport a little bit of electronic music magic from the Old World underground to the least underground patch of Manhattan. Hundreds of smiling homos, harlots and hangers-on busted their best moves till the wee hours.

The ubiquitous Mr. Michael Stipe, Susanne Bartsch and a couple of Scissor Sisters were on hand for semi-famous friend support. But it was most fun to watch every middle-aged, perma-tanned Euro journo in town for Fashion Week dance like it’s Milan circa 1988.

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