Kate Moss’ Plum New Gig

As far as hobbies go, Kate Moss could do a lot worse than growing fruit. Now, according to The Sun, the supe’s passion for plums, aka damsons, is more than just a fruity fling. Apparently Moss is getting her latest fix by loading up on expensive equipment to boil plums from her Cotswolds country property, with the eventual goal of launching her own jam label. She’s even reportedly inquired about cooking lessons from Jamie Oliver and asked Topshop’s Sir Philip Green to get her prime product placement on store shelves. She’s also believed to have sent samples of “Kate’s Damson Jam” to X Factor judge Simon Cowell. At least we know the acid-tongued former American Idol host wouldn’t mince words when delivering his verdict, potentailly helping Moss avoid yet another sticky situation.

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