Hooked: Christian Louboutin Men’s

Christian Louboutin appreciates that customers of the male persuasion may not have a burning desire for red soles. Thus, for his latest collection of men’s high-tops, he instead gives them all-over crystals, animal-print jumbles, searing metallic mash-ups and pony-hair herringbone. Okay, crimson does still appear on the tongue and piping, but those fleeting flashes seem downright demure amid Louboutin’s otherwise vivid, unapologetic, mephedrone-like imagination. Somehow the brazenness works, in a the-street-is-my-disco kind of way. But we should warn you, these pretty boys come at a cost, around $700 for the metallic version and maxing out at roughly $2400 for the crystal-encrusted version. At Christian Louboutin boutiques worldwide and exclusively in London at Harvey Nichols.

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