Kate Moss Has a Haunted House

Who ya gonna call? Well, if you’re Kate Moss, a professional exorcist. According to the Evening Standard, the supe has enlisted the help of a shaman priest to rid her posh Maida Vale digs of evil energy. Per BF Jamie Hince’s prompting (the rocker-cum-would-be playwright is reportedly a “believer”), the model is seeking to rid the house of a recent spate of very bad vibes. Back in May, Casa Moss was robbed of an original Banksy painting valued at $125K. Days later, following heavy rain, the house was flooded with sewage, wreaking havoc to the tune of over $150K. Luckily, Moss has the dough to remedy the damage, though perhaps a bit of feng shui couldn’t hurt. Might we also suggest extra security, just in case the ghosts of crackheads past, aka former flame Pete Doherty, come a-knocking?

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