Headline Trip

Taking a break from her stint as a human deep fryer for Calvin Klein, Eva Mendes has teamed up with art-world prankster Francesco Vezzoli for one of his fake adverts, this time for an exhibition that will never take place. (eluxury)

Lest you think she’s just a fame-grubbing, attention-seeking pop diva, Lady Gaga is going high brow, teaming up with the Bolshoi Ballet for a performance at the MOCA in Los Angeles. She’ll also premiere her single Speechless, because why waste a perfectly good opportunity for self-promotion? (Arts Beat)

Cheer up Lindsay Lohan, there’s life after Ungaro (not that we’re implying anything). For Esteban Cortazar, it includes gourmet food and exotic travel. Always a gentleman, however, Cortazar remains mum about those much-maligned pasties. (FWD)

Apparently Hello Kitty has finally reached Sex and the City age. The impish pussy will celebrate her 35th birthday on November 1, while her parent company Sanrio will host an exhibition of all things Kitty. (The Moment)

It seems a single night of transplanting all of Long Island into Soho was not enough. Get ready for round two of Fashion’s Night Out. If the first was any indication, we suggest you B.Y.O.B and some hand sanitizer. (CFDA)

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