Money Where Your Mouse Is

Leave it to Gucci to inject some jet-set glamour and old-skool sex appeal into the web with its latest line. Designed by creative director Frida Giannini, Eyeweb (a variation on eyewear, get it?) features two giant styles in six colors, all with the familiar yet subtle green and red stripe. Any of them will do your face a favor, but our favorites are tortoise shell (seen here) and classic black, perfect for a sunny sojourn to the countryside or daydreaming (read hungover) on the subway.

But before you can get in on the action, you need to start with some interaction on the Eyeweb microsite. There, you’ll be invited to “reflect and connect,” which is a nice and concise way of saying you can upload photos of yourself, which the site will use to create your reflection in a pair of shades. You can then browse other reflections in various cities, all mixed in with the nightlife of each. Log on and see if you can spot a sun-kissed Frida Giannini living la dolce vita alongside lovebirds Jefferson Hack & Anouck Lepère in Barcelona. And while you’re at it, pick up a pair.

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