Farm to Runway: Junya Watanabe

Opening to the farmyard sounds of a rooster crowing a wake-up call, Watanabe sent out his first look replete with an oversized tote bag stamped with the logo of the infamous London restaurant St John. The restaurant began life as the food side of Soho’s The French House, a bar frequented by the likes of Francis Bacon, Dylan Thomas and Lucian Freud, before moving into St John street in Clerkenwell near to Smithfield’s meat market. They specialize in ‘nose to tail’ cooking, using offal and parts of the animal that aren’t usually used.

And it is this anti-waste posture that has permeated Watanabe’s collections of recent years, and conceals his real political convictions. His clothes evolve in ways that make them virtually season-less, enforcing his buy-less, buy-quality mantra. With countless collaborations to ensure the high manufacturing possibilities of technical wear, casual wear and tailoring, he treats us to clothes that are not only built expertly, but built to last. 

And this time, Watanabe wore his heart on his tote, shouting out The Real Review, St John, Amsterdam coffee shops, and his own MAN logo. It was his way to voice his concerns, and we are more than ready to embrace this slow-but-sure way, and follow Watanabe all the way to the farmyard.