The Art of Sploshing

Flavor-experience designers Bompas & Parr have concocted everything from an inhabitable cloud of gin and tonic to the first multi-sensory fireworks display.

Now they’ve collaborated with fashion photographer Jo Duck to create Cake Holes, a series depicting the fine art of sploshing. Not familiar? Sploshing is the messy sexual act of smearing cakes, jellies, and other once-appetizing confections on the naked body — to be eaten or not. Mmm. 

Bompas & Parr

Pink Cotton Candy Cake

Dreamy Creamy Fruit Cake

Black Forest Gateaux

Victoria Sponge Cake

Slippery Ice Cream Cake

Pineapple Jelly

Peach Jelly

Raspberry Nipple Jelly

Violet Jelly

Cherry Meringue Cake

Short video directed by Nathan Ceddia…