Salvador Dalí’s Body to Be Exhumed

As part of a lengthy paternity suit, the entombed remains of Salvador Dalí will be exhumed in his hometown of Figueres, Spain, at 9:30 am on July 20, 2017. Morbid, perhaps, but unearthing the body appears to be the only way, as ordered by a judge, to definitively determine whether or not the artist is the biological father of Pilar Abel Martinez.

The 61-year-old psychic maintains that her mother, a maid to a family that vacationed in the fishing village of Port Lligat, told her she had a tryst with the Surrealist in the mid-1950s. Dalí lived and worked in the village (periodically between 1930 and 1982) and his house there has been converted into a museum. The village’s bay was represented in several of his most famous works. Martinez’s lawyer has stated that the affair was widely known among locals.

If the DNA is a match, thus proving that Martinez is Dalî’s daughter, she could be entitled to 25% of the artist’s estate, estimated at $336 million, according to The Salvador Dalí Foundation has said it will appeal the court order.