Life Imitates Wes Anderson

Remember the retro sneakers Bill Murray’s character Steve Zissou wore in The Life Aquatic, the blue-striped ones that were so identifiably Adidas? Now, thirteen years since Wes Anderson’s cult classic, Adidas has quietly produced the Zissou shoe, complete with a two-tone blue Three Stripe, yellow laces, a contrast blue heel tab, and “Zissou” emblazoned on the side.

No one would have known about it they hadn’t been spotted on the feet of Brazilian songwriter Seu Jorge — who provided the soundtrack in the film, Portuguese covers of David Bowie songs — while performing at the We Love Green music festival in Paris several weeks ago.

In keeping with the rarefied feel of the film, Adidas has produced a limited run of only 100 pairs. So of course they immediately sold out.