Surviving the Evolution: Vivienne Westwood Men’s Spring 2018

If ever there were a time that begged for Vivienne Westwood’s eco-political posturing, as nation after nation is confronted with existential crisis, this would be it.

For spring men’s, titled We Are Motherfucker, the tenaciously in-your-face designer cited no one cohesive theme. Rather, these were assorted men’s looks loaded with symbolic meaning, from playing-card and caveman motifs to a cryptic rainforest print covered not with anything as obvious as tropical leaves, but small black circles denoting monetary zeros. “We only need a few to save the rainforest,” she admonished in the program notes, “but billions disappear every day in global inflation.”

Yet, deviating from her typical proclivity for nihilism, Westwood left the audience with a note of optimism: “Will we survive our evolution. Don’t panic.”

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