Finally, a Marlene Dietrich Retrospective

An expansive filmic retrospective of the great Marlene Dietrich has begun at Metrograph. Adoring fans of the screen legend, smoldering chanteuse, and style icon — which the website lists in glowing detail: bi-amorous persona, brooding sex symbol, archetypal Berliner, ardent American antifascist, willful camp icon, paragon of feminine glamour — are sure to get their fill. 

A highlight among the 17 full-length features, all shown in 35mm, is Blonde Venus (1932). In it, during the rather controversial ‘Hot Voodoo’ cabaret scene, Dietrich emerges from a gorilla suit, heavy jewels intact, and vamps about in a blond afro. “Hot voodoo, dance of sin,” she rhapsodizes. “I want to be bad!”

Marlene, May 23- July 8, 2017, Metrograph, New York

‘Hot Voodoo’ from Blonde Venus

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