When the Photo Op is a Slap in the Face

Like father, like daughter. As America burns, Ivanka Trump has seen fit to casually taint the Yayoi Kusama blockbuster retrospective at the Hirshhorn Museum in D.C. (through May 14, 2017) with her brainless, pointy-shoed presence.

Reclining in the Japanese artist’s Obliteration Room, in which visitors are invited to cover a room of white-painted furniture with colorful stickers in a collective act of inter-connectedness, Trump appears willfully unaware of the obliteration her father is causing the art world, or attempting to. Just another photo op. 

It’s inevitable that cultural institutions in the capital will, from time to time, have to suffer the indignity of venal politicians and their spawn attempting to suck the life out of them. At least we have Twitter users’ comments — for now.

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