Singular Singularity: Comme des Garçons Fall 2017

Sometimes the only way to appreciate a Comme des Garçons collection is through the lens of singularity. Typically, and particularly for fall 2017, it seems as if there is neither beginning nor end, neither time nor place. Attempts to discern meaning usually prove futile — although clearly a statement is being made.

Perhaps it has to do with the lack of movement and freedom in our new world, as suggested by sleeves fused to amorphous bodies and one enormous brown paper dress, as if the model sprang from a packing crate. But it would be presumptuous and pedestrian to draw real-world extrapolations, no matter how educated. Rei Kawakubo is her own context, her own self-contained universe, making her the ideal subject for the Metropolitan Museum’s annual extravaganza in May.

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