The Metropolitan Has a Shoe Fetish

The Met Museum may be going through financial difficulties at the moment, but never let it be said they don’t devote enough attention to shoes. Witness the following examples from the permanent collection…

Balenciaga, by Steven Arpad (1939)

Martin Margiela (2001)

Helmut Lang (2004)

Christian Louboutin (2007)

Salvatore Ferragamo (1938)

Noritaka Tatehana (2013)

Alexander McQueen (2003)

Andrea Pfister (1990)

Herbert Levine (late 1960s)

Katharina Denzinger (1965)

Delman (1935)

Dior, by Roger Vivier (1959)

Emilio Pucci (1964)

Comme des Garçons (late 1980s)

Helmut Lang (2003)

André Courrèges (1964)

Helmut Lang (2004)

Herbert Levine (1966)

Herbert Levine (1968)

Herbert Levine (late 1960s)

Adjustable riding boots

Issey Miyake (1994)

Herbert Levine (1960s)

Lion sandals

Romeo Gigli (ca 1988)

Maniatis Bottier (1900-20)

Yves Saint Laurent (early 1970s)

Manolo Blahnik (2006)

Marc Jacobs (2008)

Roger Vivier (1939)

Roger Vivier (ca 1966)

Vivienne Westwood (1974-76)

Salvatore Ferragamo (1938)

Tokio Kumagaï (late 1980s)

Vivienne Westwood (1981)

Vivienne Westwood (1990)

Yves Saint Laurent (late 1960s)

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