Tom of Finland, the Movie, Has Been a Long Time Coming

Without a doubt, Tom of Finland is a Finnish national treasure. His explicit drawings of ultra-macho men who love men are among the most collected queer images of the 70s and 80s, even gracing the hallowed walls of MoMA. Everything from Diet Coke commercials to Tom Ford’s marketing fantasies owe a debt to the lustful libertine, the master of the bulge. His fellow countrymen even made a stamp in his honor some years ago.

But underneath all the gourd-sized erections and 70s staches, the drawings are rather sweet celebrations of idealized love. It’s this tension between the innocent and the obscene that has inspired director Dome Karukoski to make a biopic of the artist, aka Touko Laaksonen.

And from the looks of the trailer, it’s going to be fairly epic. Aptly and amply titled Tom of Finland, the film begins with his army days as a soldier, which also happened to be one of his most enduring fetishes, before tackling his career that really got going when he relocated to swinging California.

The film released in Finland on February 24, with the English language version expected soon. Although it doesn’t take a degree in beefcake to understand what’s going on in this Finnish trailer…

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