Oh God, There’s Another One

Meet Kirby Jenner, a mustachioed munchkin who is, according to his Instagram, the “fraternal twin of Kendall Jenner.” While he looks nothing like his siblings, oddly, he’s got a big personality and even bigger appetite.

Sadly, poor Kirby has been cropped out of every photo he has ever taken with his sisters, who are more than a little cutthroat about their advertising prospects.

But not to worry, Kirby has been there all along. He was there with Kimye at the Met Gala, he was with the clan at a Yeezy fashion show, and he even followed in his twinsie’s footsteps on Marc Jacobs’ runway.

All of which can now be seen, with the help of social media (and Photoshop). Welcome to the spotlight, Kirby.

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