Finding Her G-Spot Has Never Been Easier

Finally, someone has made a vagina mask. Not just any vagina mask, but a hyper-realistic, functional silicone vagina mask. Functional how, we’re not sure. Anyway, the someone in question is American artist Melissa Coulter, who sells her splayed labial masterpieces — with visible clitoris — on Etsy for $480.

Pricey and made-to-order, the masks cater to a discerning crowd. While that crowd is intended to be the kinky BDSM kind, the masks also happen to be ideal for Halloween. Just think, no other effort is required. Plop on a pube hat (a flat broom head, perhaps, or extra-large velcro?) and you’re good to go — just be prepared for a lot of Voldemort guesses.

What’s next, a made-to-measure mask based on the customer’s actual vagina, and matched to her skin tone? Probably.

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