There Is Actual Porn in Hood By Air’s Collab with Pornhub

No fetish is too small for Hood By Air, whose collaboration with Pornhub — as previewed on the spring runway yesterday — starts with a capsule of hoodies, long-sleeved tees, and bodysuits, then goes much, much deeper.

Living up to its ethos of mixing insider and outsider, male and female, tops and bottoms, HBA has uploaded a few dozen highly provocative videos to its profile on the porn site. Some of these are HBA products, but most are snippets of actual porn.

One of the clips, titled Reaching for Eternity, is 30 seconds of two women fisting. Another, called Wall Street Bailout (a theme from the collection), shows three men in suits performing fellatio. A kneeling woman in another clip, Sipping from the Sweet, takes a bite out of a watermelon after giving a blowjob. The most wholesome of the bunch shows a naked skydiver having his other parachute manhandled in midair.

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