Willi Dorner Brings His Body Piles to Jacquemus

Guerrilla choreographer Willi Dorner has been installing his live body piles in urban spaces for years, flummoxing, entertaining, or inspiring all those who pass by.

Understanding the complex style inherent in Dorner’s body assemblages, designer Simon Jacquemus asked him to conceive his latest campaign. The fall collection just so happened to be about reconstructing garments from other assorted garments. Nearly every piece appeared to be a patchwork of disparate pieces of exaggerated proportions and Wonderland playfulness.

“For me as a choreographer,” said Dorner, “it’s a great joy to see that my performance increasingly find entrance into other creative fields, such as the fashion world. The challenge for me in this special case was to arrange the models as an interesting body sculpture on the one hand, but to make sure at the same time that the clothes didn’t lose anything from their impression.”

Other Willi Dorner works…

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