Jûngølā Fever

Meet the Jûngølā Klöwñz, aka Toni Tits and Tuttii Fruittii, as shot by UK photographer Poem Baker over the course of a year. On a quotidian level, Toni is a video artist and Tuttii a hair sculptor — but that’s only the beginning.

The toothsome twosome consider themselves an experimental comedy art duo — often using the term ‘drag clowns’ — who challenge entrenched patriarchy and gender roles. Indeed, they met at the Haus of Sequana, a women’s performance-art group practicing the tribal arts of Africa, South America, and Asia, with an emphasis on body paint.

As they’ve fully immersed themselves in their art, it’s impossible to tell the persona and the performer apart — a true case of art imitating life.

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