The Time Debbie Harry Sang on The Muppet Show

At a career peak in 1981, Debbie Harry took the rather unusual step of guest-starring on The Muppet Show. The rest of Blondie did not appear, for reasons unknown.

Harry performed the Blondie songs One Way or Another (with the character Mulch) and Call Me. Presumably her young audience didn’t know Call Me, the theme song of American Gigolo, is essentially about prostitution; some of the lyrics were tweaked as well, just to be safe. She also sang The Rainbow Connection as a duet with Kermit. 

“I loved doing that,” Harry said. “It was a real moment for me. People ask how you can respond to the puppets. Perhaps I have a very childish attitude, but they seemed so real to me.”

One Way or Another

Call Me

The Rainbow Connection

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