Moto Guo Pops Onto the Scene

Malaysian men’s designer Moto Guo got a lot of attention for his rash decision to feature acne-riddled models at his recent spring show in Milan, Proactiv not included.

But Moto Guo has always had a thing for nerds. To one degree or another, everybody is one. The quirky shapes and textures he stitches into his one-year-old label are telling of the designer’s eccentricity, deep-rooted skepticism, and self-deprecating humor. Pie graph pin, anyone?

His fall collection campaign puts a similarly ruddy, socially awkward model in a fantasy world of cubicles, binders, and spreadsheets. Bananas, too. The geeky office boy, however, becomes anxious and bored. But instead of popping Xanax like a normal person, he’s drawn to self-expression and individualism. He clowns around; he attaches office supplies to himself; he makes faces; he mocks the higher-ups; he probably gets fired.