There Is Now a Trans House

Planting Peace has a proven track record of hitting back at hatred on its home turf. In 2013, the group bought a home across the street from the vitriolic, picket-wielding Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas, and promptly painted the outside the colors of the rainbow, christening it the Rainbow House.

Now the organization has bought the house next door to Rainbow House and, similarly, painted it the colors of the trans flag — pink, blue, white — declaring it a welcoming space for trans people.

“Beyond the individual incidents of violence, bullying and hateful messages that the transgender community faces already,” said Aaron Jackson, president of Planting Peace, “we’ve seen a rise in discriminating legislation designed to restrict the fundamental rights and human dignity of our transgender family. A transgender house that makes people feel proud, safe, confident, and supported is badly needed.”

The idea for the house came from eight-year-old Avery Johnson, also transgender, who said: “I love the transgender flag — it’s beautiful and makes me smile. I’m happy that we will have a house painted like the flag to show that transgender people are beautiful.”

The vipers at Westboro have noticed, as planned, predictably spewing their nonsense on Twitter.

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