Bride and Grooming: Pigalle Men’s Spring 2017

As far as I know, the first and last time a fashion show doubled as a wedding ceremony was back in 2011 at Imitation of Christ in New York, when Tara Subkoff orchestrated a wedding between Lydia Hearst and actor Miles Fischer, which turned out to be a fake.

At the Pigalle show in Paris, the fashion pack was treated to the real thing, as the parade ended with a lovers’ seal between the brand’s founder, Stéphane Ashpool, and his new wife, Marissa. By then, the model-cum-actor Paul Hamy had laid a white cloth over their heads, as a jazz band performed live in the bucolic garden of the musée Montmartre.

The clothes themselves, slightly cartoonish and dandified streetwear, accessorized with feather hats, pearl necklaces, colorful socks and slides, were the colors of dragées, just like the tips of the models’ hands. There was something compelling about the event, not only because the outfits were appealing, but also because his diverse and trans-generational crew of models interacted with the audience, smiling, blowing air kisses, recalling shows of yore.

Stéphane Ashpool’s trajectory — a basketball buff, he started with a clothes shop, then sweatshirts, then a label that won the coveted ANDAM fashion prize last year — speaks volume about the success of his brand’s category. Which is to say, gentrified streetwear wrapped with enough hype and endorsed by enough entourage to gain traction with a generation of kids for whom a sweatshirt is as essential as wifi. As evidenced by the many Parisian millennials who attended the show, their attachment is almost connubial.

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