Hacked ISIS Accounts Get a Gay Makeover

While the rest of the world mourned the attacks in Orlando, ISIS celebrated. Its homophobia is well-documented; In ISIS-controlled areas, homosexuality is outlawed, punishable by death, and there are grim videos of ISIS members publicly executing LGBT people.

Now for a dose of comic relief. A US-based hacker known as WauchulaGhost, who’s affiliated with the hacktivist collective Anonymous, first began hijacking pro-ISIS Twitter accounts several months ago. Following the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub, the hacker decided to give the accounts a gay makeover, replacing ISIS imagery with rainbow flags and pro-LGBT messages.


p style=”font-size: 13.6px;”>For instance, WauchulaGhost broke into one ISIS account, changed his profile picture to a gay flag, and tweeted out this message: “Hello World. It’s time I share with you a little secret…I’m Gay and I’m Proud!! #GayPride #OrlandoWillNotBeForgotten !!! #GhostOfNoNation.”

Sure, it’s not going to bring down ISIS, but it’s loud and proud and totally brilliant.

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