A John Waters Film Restored to its Original Filth

Great news for sick fucks everywhere. The demented minds at Janus Films and the Criterion Collection have painstakingly restored John Waters’ 1970 anarchic masterpiece Multiple Maniacs — no doubt a sickeningly hilarious task.

The director’s second feature is just as gloriously grotesque as the other morally bankrupt films in his early repertoire, made virtually budget-less and filmed largely on his parents’ front lawn in Baltimore.

The plot follows the depraved antics of the Cavalcade of Perversion, a traveling show put on by a troupe of misfits led by Divine. She robs the patrons at gunpoint, sometimes murdering them, at one point performing her first stomach-turning on-film ingestion, a cow’s heart (presaging her infamous helping of dog poop in Pink Flamingos). There is also a rectal rosary incident.

Opens nationwide August 5, beginning with the IFC Center NYC, introduced by the director

The lobster scene…

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