Did Kanye West Pay $100k to Erase this Mural?

The artist of the notorious ‘Kanye Loves Kanye’ mural in Sydney has apparently been paid $100,000 to remove it.

Artist Scott Marsh painted the mural — based on a photoshop meme that showed the rapper making out with himself, or rather, a mirror image of his head on the body of Kim Kardashian — in the Chippendale neighborhood of Sydney last month. Immediately after posting the mural on his Instagram, the image went viral on Reddit and beyond.

Shortly after posting, however, Marsh says he was contacted by West’s management, asking if he’d paint over the mural for a large sum of money. “They offered me five figures to paint over it,” he told Vice, “[but] I’m not exactly sure if it was them or if it was a stitch up because they never got back to me.”

Thinking it was just more hate mail, Marsh replied that he would remove the mural in exchange for $100,000 — i.e. six figures — and a lifetime supply of Yeezy Boost sneakers. “I just took the piss out of it because I thought it was a bit of a gee up.”

With no response, Marsh decided he’d sell a limited-edition print of the mural on his website, with the kissing Kanyes painted over in white. He priced the print at $100k and said that if someone from West’s management bought within two weeks, he’d paint over the mural as well.

A week later, Marsh posted an image of that print with the words ‘Sold Out,’ accompanied by the caption: “If anyone needs me I’ll be at the #lordgladstone drinking from the top shelf.” Marsh then posted a photo of himself painting over the mural. Presumably, the six-figure buyer was Kanye West or his management.

The art world loves a narcissist on a spending spree. No wonder he’s asking for donations from Mark Zuckerberg.

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