California May Ban Too-Skinny Models

Looks like that French ban on skinny models is catching on. If similar legislation currently proposed in California is passed, models who wish to work in that state will first have to procure a medical certificate from their doctor as proof of good health.

The bill, proposed by California assemblymember Marc Levine, would require the state’s Department of Public Health to adopt rules for the health of fashion models that would include periodic check-ups, nutrition counseling. The measure would impose penalties on modeling agencies hiring models without a certificate attesting to these conditions, as with the French law.

“The evidence of eating disorders in the modeling industry is alarming,” Levine said in a statement. “This is a societal problem, as unhealthy models have become role models for young people. As California often leads the nation and the world, this bill will help assure that our children will see healthy images on magazines and fashion websites.”

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