Gaga and Goth: Marc Jacobs Fall 2016

Without fanfare, Lady Gaga modeled in Marc Jacobs’ fall show and that wasn’t even the freakiest thing about it. Capping the New York collections, Jacobs essentially defied the commercial image of NYFW with an unapologetic ode to goth — a brilliant and much-needed jolt to the system.

Jacobs’ grand witches strode out in all manner of exaggerated Victorian frockery, oversized dresses and capes piled high with lace, beading, embroideries, patches, and furs. The highly diverse models sported black lipstick and enormous platform boots, the kind Gaga typically trots out. The effect was decidedly over-the-top, yet many of these pieces will be eminently wearable, too.

Even going against the customary musical soundtrack, Jacobs had a single bell chimed repeatedly. He was inspired by Keiji Haino, the Japanese musician whose work explores the “haunted spaces between the notes,” as the show notes said.

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