Apparently, Dolce & Gabbana Now Support Same-Sex Parenthood

Last year, Dolce & Gabbana made derogatory comments about same-sex parents and surrogacy to an Italian newspaper, including this doozy: “The only family is the traditional one. No chemical offspring and rented womb.” As a result, they felt the full fury of same-sex parents the world over, with particular fury coming from Sir Elton John and his decidedly non-traditional family.

Italy is the only Western European country that does not yet recognize gay marriage or even civil unions. However, the country is publicly debating gay marriage and adoption in advance of a Senate vote to finally legalize them. So it seems the two have done an about-face on the issue and put same-sex couples with children on a new line of handbags and T-shirts.

Stefano Gabbana recently posted pics of the bags and tees on Instagram with the hashtag #DGfamily. In one post, he wrote, “People change and change their ideas.”

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