It’s OK to Be Fey: Gucci Men’s Fall 2016

Adeptly tapping into a universal androgyny in the year he’s been at Gucci, Alessandro Michele hardly tempered the effete exuberance for fall men’s.

The Italian designer packed the collection with silk robes, fur capes, rich embroideries, pussy bows, Peanuts characters, asymmetrical cowboy yokes, optical track suits, dense floral and jungle prints, appliquéd denim, and skinny suits with 70s collars and flared legs.

To a more-is-more mind like Michele’s, accessories are key. He loaded the runway with woolen Peruvian caps in bright colors, fat ties, bucket hats, duffel bags, chokers and chain necklaces, and a ring on virtually every finger — as if to say it’s OK to be fey.

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