Nautical and Nice: Prada Men’s Fall 2016

Miuccia Prada likes to perplex and confound, often (or always) placing the philosophical and intellectual before the visual and visceral.

For her fall men’s show in Milan, she cooked up a typically choppy brew of assorted sailor shirts, rugged sea coats and capes, nautical caps, tucked-in argyle sweaters, loosened French cuffs, and snug three-pocket 70s jackets — all with her usual dose of awkward cropping and cinching.

As always, Prada coyly jumbled and altered her references, rendering them unplaceable and arcane. The unique blend was made all the more impossible with a print collaboration with Christophe Chemin. The French artist created four seemingly normal yet ultimately surreal scenes: a classic still-life painting with perverted proportions, historical figures wielding objects they’re not associated with (Che Guevara holding an Oscar), a film kiss that never took place onscreen, and a Noah’s Ark of animals that look familiar but have never existed.

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