J.W. Anderson and Grindr to Hook Up

He who likes to mix and match gender identities and sexual persuasions on the runway, Jonathan Anderson will live-stream his J.W. Anderson men’s show in London exclusively on Grindr (Sunday, January 10, 10 am GMT).

It’s the first time Grindr has entered the fashion arena. As if anyone could forget Marc Jacobs’ unofficial dalliance with the gay-sex app — some would say gay-dating app — months ago, when he utilized its primary function to organize an “all-male flesh bacchanal,” as Page Six salaciously described it.


p style=”font-size: 13.6px;”>“I think fashion is a sexy platform,” Anderson told the NY Times. “We’re all humans, so we all have to be somewhat sexually attractive to someone. That’s the name of the game, with clothing.”

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