Lindsey Wixson’s Transformation Into a Doll Is Complete

Already toy-like, Lindsey Wixson has now been made into an actual doll. The year-long project, aptly called Modoll, is the brainchild of photographers Santiago & Mauricio, who worked closely with the American model and tech studio Fauxography to study, scan, and 3D-print Wixson’s unique features, down to her trademark gap-toothed pout.

Santiago & Mauricio also enlisted the keen eye of stylist Charlotte Stockdale to select key looks from the fall 2015 collections, then miniaturized by AY Collective. Makeup artist Ralph Siciliano and hair stylist Thanos Samaras, too, pitched in with their respective expertise.



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Miu Miu

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Marc Jacobs

Ralph Lauren

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