A Store Is Born: Rick Owens Los Angeles

Though he’s originally from Fresno, Rick Owens spent much of his misspent youth in L.A. How apropos that he’s just opened his first store there, just down the street from, he says, “a Mexican drag bar where I spent a lot of late, boozy nights 20 years ago.”

More than anything, he wanted the space to reflect his twisted view of Hollywood — a kind of brutalist Cecil B. Demille — which he achieved with the help of longtime architect Anna Tumaini. Together they installed a large-scale fog machine, the kind he has in his New York and Seoul stores. And they even incorporated what he calls a swimming pool (pools are big in the movies, right?), but which is more akin to a floor-to-ceiling tank in which bubbles, one at a time, rise to the surface.

Rick Owens, 819 North La Brea, Los Angeles

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