Words to Live By: Each X Other Spring 2016

Each X Other opened Paris Fashion Week this season in Emmanuel Perrotin’s delightful Salle de Bal located in a 17th-century Hotel Particulier in the Marais, replete with a beautiful outdoor garden. The venue was packed for their second runway show on the official schedule, and they certainly had a lot to say.

The brand’s artist-poet muse Robert Montgomery installed a sculptural light piece in the garden that read ‘You Sleep On the Feathers of Birds and Their Flights Fill Your Dreams,’ which gave the collection its conceptual backbone. Garments referenced pyjamas, with contrasting featherweight fabrications paired with leathers, and the poem itself appeared in full and fragmented across the collection. Rib knits clung to the body, and fell open and fastened tightly with hook-and-eye fixings, while bondage straps restrained bell sleeves and brocade trousers, in what the press release termed Poetry Meets Punk.

It was here that we understood the second collaboration on the runway and covering the walls of the space, in huge posters with bold graphic statements like ‘If You Can’t Afford It Steal It’ and ‘Hack The System.’ The latter referenced the cultural provocateur Jefferson Hack, responsible for them. Our personal favorite, ‘Cultural Resistance Movement,’ was worn with feather motif brocade trousers with bondage straps, on an androgynous model with tightly cropped peroxide hair, the perfect embodiment of the collection.

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