Word Puns Gone Wild

The French Facebook group Leust in Translation creates visual word puns that are so hilariously prurient and wickedly absurd that you may never think about pop culture the same again…

Muhammad Alice

Super Maillot

Justin Babar

Donald Trompes

Jared Loto

Danette Jackson

Klaus Nomi Campbell

Cul-nu Reeves

Mata Harry

Mary Poppers

Clarks Gable

Sean Penne

Sex and the Titi

Streep Fighter II

Audrey Hepburne and Katharine Hepburnes

BackBook Pro

Tyrion Cotillard

Grec Jones

Kenny West

Top Cher


Paupiette Mondrian


Dildo the Hobbit

ESSEC Pistols

Dali MacBeal

Bondie Mary

Laetitia Pasta


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Léa C2

Bill Muret

Flo Rida Kahlo

Giorgio Arménie

Katy Péridurale

Kate Morse

Justin Timberland

Greta Garbure 

Kirsten Furious

Lu Doillon

Monster Munch


Marie Intranet

Pina Bosch

Ralph l’Oreille

Wintour Is Coming

Vladimir Poitrine

Un Tramway Nommé Jay-Z

Alicia Kiss

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