Grace Jones On Saying No to Lady Gaga

Ever since an excerpt from Grace Jones’ new memoirs was released a few weeks ago, in which she spoke of a copycat pop star whom she called Doris, everyone has wanted to know: Who is Doris? A BBC interview with Jones seems to have the answer…

Why did you decide to say no to Lay Gaga when she asked to perform with you? “I say no a lot.” Were you not tempted? “No. For me, a collaboration has to start by planting a seed and seeing if your chemistry works together, and then you have an exchange of ideas. If someone just comes and says, ‘Work with me,’ my initial thing is to say, ‘No, it doesn’t work like that for me.’”

“I have to not just like what you do, I have to be inspired by what you do, and I was not inspired. From the very beginning, when I met her, I thought her to be too affected. I thought she was still looking for herself.”

You’ve said similar things about a whole raft of people — Rihanna, Miley Cyrus. They’re all middle-of-the-stream, they’ve got no long-term vision. “Everything’s been done for them, it’s different when you get into the details itself.” They’re too managed? “Yeah, I think so.” Who does inspire you then? “Adele, she’s genuine, you can feel it. She’s not fake, not to me, and I can size up people.”

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