Stars and Stripes and Sequins: Marc Jacobs Spring 2016

Marc Jacobs, an American no longer in Paris, staged his own homecoming for spring with a nod to the 50s. Mainly as prints and elaborate embroidery, Jacobs fondly interpreted the first post-war decade through its wholesome, lovey-dovey trappings: high-school football games, varsity jackets, argyle sweaters, movie dates, a double swan motif, bejeweled cowboy boots, and loads of Stars and Stripes. Keeping everyone guessing, Jacobs also sent his friend Beth Ditto for a twirl on the runway.

Jacobs even bid adieu to his longstanding venue of choice, the Park Armory, in favor of the Ziegfeld Theatre. Before its current incarnation as the last single-screen movie theater in Manhattan, the Ziegfeld staged world-class Broadway productions. A playbill he had printed up for the evening suggested the designer is fully aware he’s his own marquee name now.

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