The Fault In Our Stars: Yeezy Spring 2016

In the sense that Kanye West provided a few more bottoms for this models to wear, his Yeezy spring collection was a modest improvement over last season’s debut.

Other than that, it was all but identical — which is to say, uninspired. Once again West collaborated with artist Vanessa Beecroft, casting models from the street and models by trade. Once again he kept to a monochromatic dark desert palette. Once again he showed mostly sweats that, in the absence of any commentary on the state of modern society (or a presidential announcement), came off as uninspired and unoriginal. Add to that a front row crowded with his celebrity friends (and family, of course) and the only comment we’re left to chew on is his single-minded drive to sell pricey streetwear. After all, little more than celebrity will do it.

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