The Art Part: Eckhaus Latta Spring 2016

Can art ever truly embrace its shallower sister, fashion? That seems to be the question posed by Eckhaus Latta’s Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta season after season as they refine their particular ilk of pre-normcore, post-art school, Bushwick-adjacent cool. Monday’s outing proved no exception as most of the Lower East Side and edgier spots of Chelsea left their white cubes unmanned to converge in the Ralph Pucci showroom and offer their support.

Modeled on gallerists, artists, and suitably lithe friends, the collection had a craftsy, almost homespun feel that felt refreshing. Standouts included patchworked prints, slip dresses, and boxy denims that exuded just the right amount of wrong. The overall effect was like FUBU for the gallerina set: for us, by us — and all the better for it. But with Solange Knowles planted front-and-center in the audience, it seemed that larger recognition could be in the horizon. It will be intriguing to see how that impacts the house’s street cred. 

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