Sport Utility: Public School Spring 2016

Public School may feel like the hot new thing, but the duo’s been around since 2008. Still, with a buzzy new appointment at DKNY, Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne had all but the blush of the darling debutante — and with the door crunch to match.

Yet hark this, dear readers: whereas such sudden glare might have overwhelmed the green and untested, the Public boys shrugged and embraced a sporty confidence that spoke to refinement and maturity. Anoraks were spun into gauzy layers, diaphanous track pants inflated, techy knits unraveled into striking separates — with all of it punctuated with toggles and drawstrings.

The overall effect was cool, athletic, and with just enough avant-garde edge. True, this has been the New York fare for the past few seasons, but the boys can hardly be faulted for continuing what they largely helped start. Future seasons may call for more daring deviations, but for the time being this was more than ample justification for the hype. 

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