Nineties Nostalgia: Creatures of the Wind Spring 2016

There’s a 70s thing happening in fashion that’s also sort of a 90s thing. Or is it the other way around? Who knows. The duo Creatures of the Wind can be lauded for not asking too many questions and just going with it — and throwing in a few more decades for good measure: 40s (in the form of tea dresses), 50s (some boxy Patsy Cline jackets), and even the 30s with a few granny jacquards.

If all of this sounds mismatched, it’s because it is — and that was the lovely thing about it. Throwing caution to the…well, wind, Christopher Peters and Shane Gabier rolled with the game of decades, adding oversized fishnets and some nice block-heeled sandals to tie it all together.

There was a distinct 90s nostalgia running throughout (probably lost on most) that alluded to the pleasure of thrifting, mixing vintage finds with contemporary duds and throwing in some ugly patterns to stay, you know, alternative. It was all fairly convincing, and there were some lovely dresses to boot, which we certainly wouldn’t kick out of our Siamese Dream listening party.

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